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Vacation Time


If you had a choice to take six weeks of vacation (all at one time) or three two week vacations, which would you choose?



With six weeks I would plan i travel to Egypt and them move to Morocco.

I will Definitely choose the second one becase working all the year is boring for me without any break out .

I would choose 3 two weeks vacation . Work really takes my great effort so I need to take a rest after a while of work .

I think three or two weeks is enough for a vacation,over this period of time,you can traval one or two places and relax yourself, on the other hand,you dont have to get used to your work time all over again,if not take as long as six weeks off. If I were you,I would separate it into three of two weeks vacations. :D

Probably Siria

My first thought is to take the six weeks because I could go visit my boyfriend in Morocco and friends in Egypt. I was also thinking I could just travel the world.

I will choose six weeks.. 'cause I'm so tired of school.. and I want to refresh my "brain".. :) that's it.. 

I would go to Ireland, England, Paris... Yes - hahaha - I'm very cliché.


I would take the 3 x 2 weeks option.


Honduras and Belize -- 2 weeks scuba diving at the Great Blue Hole and Bay Islands

Jamaica -- 2 weeks being a beach bum

Colombia -- 2 weeks exploring historical Cartagena and the cities around there


Now I just need 6 weeks of vacation!

definitely the second option. If I chose a six week vacation, I'd get lazy.

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