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equality in the society

Is there a real equality between males and females from the past to now?



No, and there can't be. Because you can't pee upright or press-up 50 times and you have no beard. And I can't give birth to baby or smell faint, elusive smell and I have no period.


The male is definitely unequal to the female in my vision  . That is why this world so attractive to both genders . Men can learn much from female . Most of women can see tiny changes in heart among people which is hard to be felt by men . My perception is that : If a man can learn to value women thinking , he can learn something extraordinary and explore unknown side from men . He can do greater thing than other men , so do women .  In the past , women were taught not to be educated , I think it is totally wrong . That is to say : women are not supposed to be equal to men as in some situation , women are superior to men from time to time .

I think the roles of women have changed, now. They are allowed to gain a high education,have the right to vote, to make business, etc. however, gender discriminaton still remains in some espects. For instance,in Vietnam some pregnant women knowing her bady is a girl will have abortion cuz the " birth-control" policy.

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