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Any tips or ideas for a solo female traveller?

Hello fellow italki members,


I would like to solicit some recommendations or suggestions on travel destinations. Would these places be safe and easy for an English-speaking female tourist to travel solo to?


Eastern Europe:


Middle East:
Saudi Arabia


I am open to other destinations, but my first choice is Europe. I have seen northern and western Europe already, and am wondering if I can venture into eastern Europe easily.


I have been to the UAE already, and would like to explore other parts of the Arab world.


One thing that I would like to avoid as best as possible (although I think it would not be entirely possible) is the harassments by illegal street vendors and dishonest taxi drivers. I know tourists are easy prey, but they are not willing prey.


I cherish my freedom when I am on vacation, so I don't prefer joining a tour group. As such, I am really left to my own devices when I travel. Any tips or advices would be greatly appreciated!








I have done some solo traveling in Croatia, Serbia and Slovakia and I can say that all three places are safe.  Of course you want to always be aware around touristy places, Dubrovnik and Split in particular, to keep your valuables close.


As far as taxis advice is to either call, text or book a taxi online if possible.  If not, try to catch one at a taxi stand.  I would avoid flagging one down generally.


Have fun!!

Ah, the voice of an experienced traveller!  Thanks Kelly ~

Have you been at the Caribbean islands/countries? If you like beaches you should think about it ;)



Yes, I have been to the Caribbean last year.  I landed in Jamaica on my birthday actually.  I booked the flight about three days before my departure.  It was a nice visit, but I don't want to go to sunny places anymore, because I got so incredibly tan (without actually staying under the sun) that I could pass as a Filipino.  And my coworkers made fun of me, but of course good-naturedly.  >.<





Thanks for the links.  I must say that some of the contents are questionable.  The US was listed as one of the most dangerous places to visit.


In any case, I think there are some merits to first-hand information from experienced travellers or from locals, as opposed to articles perhaps written to raise readership.



I am kind of shamed of being from Brazil. That´s right, Brazil can be a dangerous place. A lot of misery, a lot of crime. It´s neighbor, Uruguay, on the other side, it´s much nicer.

But Brazil also has a lot of interesting things and is very large, so it´s not the same thing in all places. The Iguassu Falls for example are amazing. Fernando de Noronha Island also…

The best thing to travel in Brazil, for safety reasons, is to be with me (it sounds strange, but it´s the truth – what can I do?).

(I´m not a native English speaker, forgive the errors).

Exactly Wanchain. But I wouldn't expect anything else from an American. They were taught that America is the best place in the world. An American told me this by the way. So my sources are American. :P

No hard feelings my fellow American italki learners, but it's time for you to wake up and smell the coffee. America is one of the most dangerous places in the world. Stop this stereotyping of the others. My God.


P.S don't bother giving me a thumb down, I will do it by myself.

Marcello my friend. Never say so. Be proud of your country. Don't let some foolish comments from cowboys bother you. If brazil has a high crime rate, then believe me; The  U.S may has a higher one. Trust me The U.S is a dangerous country yet the Americans never stop boasting about their 200 years history. They keep talking about their good intentions and show it their "war" Movies. The American flag and all that Jazz. Have confidence in yourself my friend. They're the one who should be ashamed of their country  not you. Never say this again. Don't fall for such stupid traps.

A bit about Poland from a native.

It is generally safe, but I would keep in mind what Kelly said about Croatia, Serbia ad Slovakia, so keep you valuables in a safe place. It' also better to der taxi online or by phone, but mostly because it's cheaper.

In many cirties you can book hotel/hostels online and you can also book train tickets. In bigger cities you'll easily find people who speak English (and many of them will be willing to help you as they can practice speaking :), it might be more difficult in smaller towns. It reallly depends on what you want to see, so if you have any questions about Poland dn't hesitate to ask me.


If you're caucasian perhaps Eastern Europe would be easier as you wouldn't automatically stand out as a tourist.



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