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when you want to study english ....or any languages (((:

when you want to study english you must reding reading and reading

I listened to this very more


~~your opinion please^^



I think we all have a different way to learn so I think that the important thing is to practice a lot.


Hi Sahar E,

I think to learn English well you should listen to a lot of spoken English, you can do this by listening to audio books because many English words are not pronounced as they are written. Just reading will not help you learn how to pronounce words and what words to emphasize in a sentence. And of course practicing is important, do not be afraid to make mistakes. 

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listening to native speakers...movies, shows it works far more better then booring reading. though without basic knowledge u wont be able to understand what is said in movies. So balance your studies

There is no other way to improve and learn and amass vocabulary in a well rounded way, other than reading. Reading is where a lot of learning and understanding goes on whether its vocabulary or sentence structure or grammar. Reading truely stimulatins your mind at your own comfortable pace. Something which is not possible while talking or listening to other or Watching television. Your brain is constantly engages to keep up with what you are hearing at the given fast pace, or to come up with replies.

If you are just learingto speak a language then you are at he mercy of others to learn vocabulary etc. But once you start reading then you are just limited by as many books you can get our hands on.

Boring it may be to the unstimulated minds, but there is a reason why books across many cultures throughout the times have been unanamously held as the harbringers of Knowledge.

But to master a language the well balanced approach is a must. 

thank you very much ^_^


I do believe that reading is an excellent way to increase your vocabulary and understanding of English, but I also think that you need a mixture of reading AND conversation.  This way you will find the correct pronunciation and also the different shades of meaning, so that your speaking will become more natural as you become comfortable with the language.  As someone else said, it all comes down to practice, doesn't it?

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