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A story with crisis in your company.

Did your company happen a crisis?

Let share!



Hi, Mavis.

It's very slippery issue. About that we have to talk very very carefully in social networks. Big brother sees and hears all. May be someone be think what i have a paranoia?

What happened? I am interested to know:o


Andrej means that you must be careful of what you post on social media (Facebook, Twitter, VKontakte, Hyves, Pinterest, Google+, etc) because your boss could potentially find out about it.


I've heard many stories of people being fired or being denied a job based on what they posted on social media.


Here are some interesting articles on this subject:

I share the same ideas as pasters above . You had better not reveal personal information here in case of more troubles . But alternatively , you may tell your story by conccealing  name , place , time to share your case for research or fun . However, it takes your risk  , you need to think it over before you are going to do that. Your indeeds could be tracked down easily  . Be cautious .

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