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Just write a nice sentence of your favorite song! =) (can be with your native language)

"Como sempre estou mais do seu lado que você..." (Capital Inicial - Não olhe pra trás) [Portuguese]



so let me come to you, close as i wanna be, close enough for me to feel your heart beating fast. I kinda like it your way how you lay your eyes on me. don't you ever know that I have mind on you.



eyes on me

faye wong

now we share the same bright sun the same round moon why we don't share the same love?

tell me why not? life is shorter than most had thought ..hold my handm they're many ways to do it right ,hold my hand my friend we can save the good spirt in me and u for another chance and lets pray for the beautiful world ,, the beautiful world i share wiz u


maher zain

hold my hand

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