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Spanish: More Listening Practice

Does anyone have ideas or good websites that I can use to improve my listening skills in spanish? It's one of the places I am struggling with the most right now.



I think "Notes in Spanish" have a lot of good podcasts. I don't know what level you are, but for advanced lessons they have trascripts from their podcasts and it really helps.

Also listening to audiobooks is very helpful. I personally tend to start with childrens books as they have easier language.

Good luck!

Should have mentioned I am intermediate [: taking a conversation class now. I tend to blank out when I am called in class due to anxiety, so I don't hear quite as well when asked a question.


Check out LingQ:    They have tons of podcast lessons and a great system for building vocabulary.  LingQ has become my primary resource for learning Spanish.


I also spend a lot of time listening to Spanish language radio.  I prefer US broadcasts because the topics are more familiar.  Check out: TuneIn.  It's a global radio hub with a world of choices, literally.  The Fernando Espuelas show is one of my favorites.  Fernando speaks very clearly and at a moderate pace.


Both LingQ and TuneIn have Android apps (I-phone too probably), so you can take the stuff with you on the run.


Good luck!  


I have a youtube channel and a blog to learn Spanish in this you can listen and practice with many activites.

at one time I paid for the monthly fee for hulu.. their latino section was pretty decent and the subtitles in spanish matched better than most youtubes i watched. The only bad part is not all the shows are subbed.. but I could watch certain shows over and over. Another is

Its from the 80s but its free and it has like 50 episodes with spanish subs.. the best part about those were you could see a little spanish from spain, argetina, puerto rico and mexico. I still cant hear much of a difference but hope this helps..

We can do a language ex-change Spanish-English if you want. Just let me know :) Cheers.

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