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What is the education for you?

What is the education fore you . And why do we need to be educated?




I've read this definition before, so I will share it with you. Education is information controlled by the government. Of course this from the political point of view.


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Education is learning people how not to be idiots. People need to be educated because we can't afford to be stupid.

I don't agree with, you The Byzantine Dragon. If somebody have not education it doesn't always mean that he is idiot. Somebody can be clever but not educated. For example children, they have not education but they can think. But I think that education is very important for all of us, and people should have education for realization of their opportunities.


Education can mean different things for different people, and it can change at different times of their life.

its peneficial to educate these days, the more educated people are the more advantages.

they can solve their problems and their comunities problems.

the most outstanding discovered are come through education.

For me education is just a hobby, not whole life.

The education is important because it allows us to find new ways in our lifes, new experiences as well as  motivations to be even more educated. Thats why i find the education as pretty positive aspect. 

education personally come from how we educate ours parenst and then whast is learned in schools also have more opportunites  for a better life

the education for me is knowling how to behave and relate to other people,respecting the space and the opinion of those auround us.

the education is at the base of a good relations

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