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vocabulary learning experience

im gonna start to memorize new words to enlarge my vocabulary. 

how many  brand new words is possible to learn within one day? Any experience? 

If so, just share. 




I have heard it said that you can reasonably learn 5 new words every day.  Make a sentence with them using context and try to use the new words at some point during the day.  Try not to translate.  Record the words with any idioms or combinations (collocations) and a definition in English.  Good Luck!!

You could try using the software Anki. Each time you encouter a new word you add it, along with a definition and a sentence. It's like using flashcards. And it's easier to remember words like that than random word in lists.

is there any link on internet where can i find ANKI ? is it free for the download? 

You may learn vocabulary by making sentences


Yes, here is the link:

There are versions for Iphone and android too.  

I think to memorize between five and ten words per day. It is an easy way and at the end of the week you will have between thirty five and seventy words.

thanks a lot simon. I will download and try how it works. hopefully it will help me a little bit at least. 

Thank you again. 

Anki is good, but I also like 


5 words is easy way, but iťs nothing. Iťs very hard to count how many words you learn every day, because you can count only words in you word memorization program, but with reading, listening radio or podcasts, watching series you learn more than you have in you program. But 5-10 are really few. When I began to study Slovak, every day I added to Anki 50-100 words. Now I add less, but now I know more :) And yes, Anki is really great software.

i hope anki will help me anyway. im not sure of being smart enough to learn 50 words a day and remember them all till the next day.. but will do my best. You are probably right about the fact its not that exactly countable after all. 

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