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Have you ever seen the film" the secret"?

Have you ever seen the film" the secret"? Do you think "the law of atrraction" is true?







 I woudn't  bother to see the film, because I read the book. 

It is infact,  an exercise in  misinformation, to put it politely.


   For example,  you ask if it is true.  No. It is specifically, a lie.

The "24 Master Teachers" and Rhonda Byrne inform  the reading public that the Law of Attraction  is a Scientific Law.  That  is  an example of a specific Lie.


   However,  you could visit the website for, and see all the 3-sentence "reviews" for the book,  absent all commentary and dialogue.  That is because the people who rate the book highly, cannot actually discuss the ideas, nor answer questions,  or show that they understand what the

"24 Master Teachers"  claim for Scientific Fact.


   Another example is that in the many reviews for "The Secret," a great deal of contradictory

(and hence,  false)   information is published about the book.


 Even though the "24 Master Teachers" tell people that "The Law of  Attraction is a Scientific Law,

readers will tell the public   that the book is about:



(a) Occultism


(b)   Belief


(c)    God


(d)  Secret  Ninja   Teachings




(e)  Other classifications of great variety, such that the readers themselves contradict what the

"24 Master Teachers"   write in the book.


 So,  in answer to your question;   No,  it is not true.



Thanks Bruce, I wonder the secret about the law of attraction is true or not. Sometimes my expection comes true. Sometimes not. There is a proverb in my contry:" bad things come true, good not". I don't know to explain this phenomeno.

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