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what is the easy way to practice any language ?



but you say chatting is the only way and chatting would't be in formal it will be informal


I think, the easiest way is to go on Youtube, find educational videos in your target language and practice by listening and repeating words and phrases after native speakers.

nice idea



   I like what Iris wrote, but unfortunately,  YouTube is not available to some countries.


  I recommend songs and reading of simple materials to start.


 I usually begin with a new student by  reading a phrase or line at a time from song lyrics or a written text, and  have the student repeat my pronunication.


   Over weeks and months,  after the student  feels more comfortable with me, and more confident,  I  begin serious work on developing a power vocabulary and introducing concepts, beliefs,  ideas,  thoughts and feelings as the subject of dialogue.


 I think singing (or reading) through songs and nursery rhymes is one of the great keys to rapid learning.

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