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What do you do to preserve the environment?

Nowadays we need to pay attention the environment and do things to preserve it, like a recycle, save water etc. The sustainability is necessary and involves commetment of shools, families and governments. So I want to know what do you thing and do for change situation of the world?




I do as many little things as I can, like buying local produce, bringing my own reusable bags when shopping, recycling and reusing jars. My appliances and lightbulbs are energy efficient. Then there are the logical things - like not littering!

I think, we should have kind of garbages for all kinds of litters, like for a plastic bottles-white one, for paper-another one. So, then we can save our environment. Because, we can't explain everybody to save the environment. Not everybody understands and does it!!


I usually drop a litter to a special bin, I think it is better.

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