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Vietnamese laws


Hello! I am planning to travel to Vietnam and hopefully move their with a teaching job sooner than expected. It has just dawned on me that Vietnamese laws are a bit stricter than American laws. I need to be informed of such laws that I may not know about (as I'm American and I think we have less stringent rules). Could you please list some laws of Vietnam that you feel I should be aware of (or all if you feel like it)? -Note: I know that it is illegal to speak about the government in Vietnam so do not mention if you like or do not you like these laws (I will do the same), just make me aware of them. Thanks!



Hello Thomas, I'm not a lawyer, nor have I spent any time in Vietnam. You may want to consider looking here. It lays out in simple terms customs and laws of Vietnam, and it's in English. Have a good trip, Byron



If there's something I know, it's that Vietnamese laws are complicated and against each other. You don't have to worry too much about that since lots of people can't speak English and they get confused when you talk to them, so they'd rather ignore your fault than fine you for that. Here is the truth "the Vietnamese are pragmatic and tolerant, and only the most unfeeling behavior is likely to trouble them. " (Source: footprinttravelguide) The most important thing in Traffic Law is the requirement of wearing helmet when you drive motorbikes. It's for your safety too. I think traffic signs are almost the same in every country. Where are you going to?

I'm sure that ,all time, you are taken care of . hi,hi


I would have thought they were less strict than America. I've never been to America only Vietnam and I never noticed much police presence. I also noticed many things that wouldn't have been allowed in Europe and I would have thought the US too.

Also on helmets and motorbikes, it might be the rule but I noticed many people without one and most children didn't have them. I never saw anyone stopped.

You welcome.:)

When you arrive at the airport....u donate a small fee. It's a forced fee. =)

wellcome to my country

it is easy for you to travel in vietnam(  my country). almost of the laws in all country are the same.first you need to plan which city will you come in vietnam. at the air port, you can take a taxi to go to any place where you want to come ( like a hotel...) then you can enjoy life in vietnam. if you have any trouble you can ask people around you, many vietnamese can speak english very good, special young people like teenager, students...and even americans are living in vietnam. you can see them on the streets. any more your vietnamese is very good so you can speak vietnameses also, if they cant understand what are you saying , you can write down on the note.

i want to tell you more but my vocabulary and grammar are limit. but i think that all is usefull for you.

and i really hope to getting your help in english. Thank you so much. wish you have a great time in my country. 

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