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Could you tell me the meaning for this sentence? " What happened to a sense of decency?"







   It means that   our world, our country, or our community,  disregards the needs of others and the feelings of others.  Decency  can be understood to mean,   "Treating---Others---Right"  or



   For example,  if you visited America, and    you stood  in some public place,   crying and were obviously upset,  I might ignore you,  as might all other people, who did not care at all about your obvious anxiety and pain.  That would mean that I and others had "lost"  our Sense---of---Decency.


  However,  if I or others possessed a   Sense--of--Decency, we might walk up to you and say something like;   "Miss?  Are you okay?  Can I help?"


 It might be that you merely missed a bus. It might also be that your   money, purse, and ID cares were all missing.  In which case,  I might be moved to offer to   sit down with you, buy you food and drink, and help you plan on a  specific course of action. That would be the   "Decent" to do.

   That's a brief but general example.




Thank you!

I'd like to give you an idea, in my viewpoint of the sense of decency. I'm not sure what it's like in other countries, but here in America, over the last several years or so, many of the young male teenagers, particularly the African Americans, are wearing their pants way below their waste line, showing their underwear. With this scenario, I say that these teens have totally lost their sense of decency. Also, there's so many females in this world today, that show way too much cleavage, etc. They, likewise, have lost their sense of decency.


Thank you! I got it!

Do you think decency is losing over past years ?

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