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How to learn English on any Toki




1.Speak to people and smile and be open minded about having them correct your pronunciation or grammar. Show that you are genuinely happy that they correct you. 2.Master perfectly ( I mean nuances and pronunciation) the few phrases that make most of small talk : greetings, presentation of self, how and why you learn their language, where you come from, etc.... you should master perfectly a list of the minimum phrases 3.Talk to people gently, looking them in the eyes and listening to what they say. If they are a bit rude or expeditive, you have maybe a chance to make them helpful for the rest of your days. 4.If someone answers you in English or in another language when you spoke in your target language in the first place, DON'T go on in the target language as if nothing happened. 5.When you hear a word you don't understand, wait for the speaker to finish his phrase and then raise your hand with a smile and say Excuse me Sir but I did not understand the word XXX ? What does it mean ? Would you write it down for me ? , preferably in your target language, and give him a blankflash card.


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