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what is the fastest way to learn French ?



There are many methods available for self learning. I am currently utilizing "Assimil New French with Ease" and "Assimilated Using French" with the EXCELLENT software "Learning with texts". You may search in Google for the terms: Intensive reading Extensive reading Intensive listening Extensive listening Learning with texts Regards, George

thank you, that was helpful

I suggest that you do not look for the fastest way to learn French, but an effective way to learn French. Learning a language is a lifelong process - for example, I'm a native English speaker (born and raised in Canada), but I don't know all the words and phrases in English. Similarly, my French teachers don't know everything there is to know about French! What's most important is that you can carry out a conversation. I posted some tips here, so you might want to take a look! =) Bonne chance, Anber! (Good luck, Anber!)

the fasterst way to learn any language is learning it 8 hours a day as for French, hmm, start with 4 types of verbs, then nouns + adjectives and then the rest of vocabulary and grammar French pronunciation can be memorized in a day at most

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