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What is the real concept of the true friend this day???



What is a friend? A soul dwelling in two bodies. -Mo'Fo Aristotle

same as before time passes -- genuine values remain same

this is the old concept ,but now u think that you know the person well and suddenly you hit by the fact they are the worest thing happened in ur life

The true concept of true friends these days is the same as the first ones.

Never leave you even if you do something bad and help to fix it right.


understanding with each other

treating her as the same way as to myself

understand each other


A friend is there for you when you need it but you have to realize they have a life (and probably a family and responsibilites) and sometimes when you need them there and they are not you have to be forgiving to them. A friend is about accepting one another for who they really are, and not what you expect them to be.


A true friend will stay loyal to you no matter what.  This especially includes when you hit rock bottom.

The one who is beside you when you feel down and/or it seems to hit a dead end. He/She's always there to cheer you up without expecting any return. (hard to find nowadays):p 

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