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how to find a fixed parter that excising language everyday ?



Good question. I want to know answer too


I don't think it's possible. Nor does it seem fair to expect someone to be available for you every day. You should try finding lots of different exchange partners!

thank you .but i find it's diffcult to find a lot of foreign friend on italki,


Gary: If you begin by "following" [a menu function on the profile of every member] you can begin to correspond with people you might like for a partner for practice. A private message would be appropriate. If you like the answers people give, that is the best way to find which person would be of help to you. Also, many forum members have published NOTEBOOK ENTRIES and these can be found by searching in the member's Profile. If you like what a person writes, and you think the person might be actively seeking students or Practice Partners, then you can message the person to ask that they work with you. . A person who writes well, and is helpful to others, is probably a good prospect. You can choose based upon Gender, or whether the person charges money, or offers free practice with you, and also whether they want to learn your language in an "exchange" arrangement or whether they enjoy teaching their language while not learning yours. People with a strong and genuine desire to learn, will begin posting questions, and make modest attempts at writing well, and they will begin to participate in Discussion Topics. .

thank you


Bruce, you are right as always)))


add me .my skype is "garygary7080"

i don't use spyke


Great power of synthesis, Bruce! I would like to add to your comments that, in order to find a language partner, it is important to have clear objectives in mind, and a favorite topic. It facilitates comunication, because the prospective partners would know in advance what to talk about.

There is also a problem: fixing a date and hour with a language partner is not easy, because you don`t know the availability beforehand. On the other hand, in order to bookmark a session with a tutor, you simply select the hour within his/her availability!

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