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how to find a fixed parter that excising language everyday ?




Good question. I want to know answer too


I don't think it's possible. Nor does it seem fair to expect someone to be available for you every day. You should try finding lots of different exchange partners!

thank you .but i find it's diffcult to find a lot of foreign friend on italki,

thank you


Bruce, you are right as always)))


add me .my skype is "garygary7080"

i don't use spyke

Great power of synthesis, Bruce! I would like to add to your comments that, in order to find a language partner, it is important to have clear objectives in mind, and a favorite topic. It facilitates comunication, because the prospective partners would know in advance what to talk about.

There is also a problem: fixing a date and hour with a language partner is not easy, because you don`t know the availability beforehand. On the other hand, in order to bookmark a session with a tutor, you simply select the hour within his/her availability!

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