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What do you think about TOEFL or IELST certification?

Which exam should I prepare to measure my English level, or any other than those I mentioned would fit best for showing my proficiency in English.




The simple answer is, "what do you need it for"? Some countries require a certain level in a certain exam for visa applications (ie. if you are staying long-term), and a certain certificate may be required for entry to further study, and perhaps even work. I suggest that you decide where you want to be (or what you want to do) after the exam, and choose the exam that fits the requirements. Good luck!

it depends on what country you got it

You had better confirm where you are going and why you need this qualification . Here is a very simple principle . If you want to go common wealth countries , you had better obtain IELTs test qualification . Otherwise , it is better to get TOEFL qualification to go to US.

Yep, Well , I mean, for job would be good to have a TOEFL rather than IELST? or what would really be useful for that?

I review your basic information that you live in Mexico and I assume that you are heading to USA for a job . I would suggest you go for TOEFL test to verify your English. Anyway , enjoy learning English . GOD bless you .

Thank you allen, that's what I'm looking for, a job to USA. I hope that I would able to accomplish that dream in the short time :P, that would be awesome , as well as working in a foreign country not just USA I think...

Some states or colleges could identify IELTs test as your qualification . IELTs test could also be  one of language standards , but not every single organization will recognize your IELTs qualification . I guess you will encounter similar problems in commonwealth countries that they require IELTs test to identify your qualification rather than TOEFL . If you want to study for a degree in US  , the website of universities will show their language qualification you can check again . 

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