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What do you think about Viet Nam country?



I liked it! All on the tourist trail and have been to HCMC, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hue, Hanoi, Halong Bay. Also had a brief trip in February when I stopped at Can Tho. Loved it, food is great and friendly people.

I agree with the opinion of you. I am a child of Hue I proud of it, because Hue city is very ancient, bringing bit of sadness Can you introduce your hometown?

I've never been in Vietnam, but I like all eastern countries, so I guess I'd like it. How is food in Vietnam? Do you eat a lot of seafood?

Food is very delicious i don't like seafood i like eat many fruit, vegetable

I've never been there,but I wish I can to go there someday..

i like it. it is a beautiful country. i never been there. my friends and i have intended to there in our national day, but the plan failed. that day , i read a passage about traveling in Vietnam , i was quite excited .i will go there one day . i wanna enjoy food , nice scenery . i cannot imagine . can you tell me when is the best time to vietnam

I think Vietnam is beatiful. Vietnam is on my top five places to visit in the world. I am only a little worried because I here that some places in vietnam are very rural and would think that it was wrong for me (a woman from the U.S.) to be there. Maybe this is stupid of me. I would love to taste the food there (except live insects if that is true. The scenery there is just gorgeous!



Indochina is a very fascinating area .  However, it is too hot and humid to tolerate for me .

I think it's gorgeous! 

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