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what is your opinion about the culture mexican?




I love it! Many Mexicans I've met are friendly and the food is so delicious :) The question should read "what is your opinion about the Mexican culture?"

tank you, I like your answer and now I know the correct form is Mexican culture. :D

These are just one man's personal opinions after living among Mexicans for several decades: I admire very much the fact that the Mexican family is generally close-knit. I think that Mexican cuisine is amazingly good. In fact, it's heavenly. My appreciation of Mexican music varies: mariachi, ranchera, y huapango are splendid. Too many of the corridos are despicable in their glorification of drugs and violence. Música norteña is simplistic and uninteresting. Traditional Mexican folkloric dances are gorgeous. I don't like the Mexican culture's lax attitude towards punctuality. I greatly admire the fact that Mexicans are generally hard workers, are good people, and easily become good and loyal friends.

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