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what should I do

I wanne go Dalian this holiday,but my mom don't want me go,she thinks it's very dangerous and just say no.I wanne say I'm an adult now and I have friends in there,I think it's no big deal.I feel so upset,should I go without listening to her or staying at school alone?







 I do not know about the place you intend to go to.


My first thought is this though.  Just because you are an "adult,"  does not mean that a place is not dangerous.


 One of my students was threatened by gangsters  near the great wall of China  after arranging a tour for a group of Americans. The Gangsters who manipulated the Tour Guide Company,  demanded that the group visit their Gift Shops and "massage parlors". When my friend complained, she was threatened.


  Just because you are grown up, does not mean that you will not find danger.

Danger will find you because you believe,  without reason, that you are "Bulletproof," as the saying goes.



maybe you can try to reassure her? For example your can make a deal with your mother that one of your friends are going to pick you up at the trainstation or that you won't go out at night. Mothers are always worried... 

Do you live with her and depend on her financially? If yes, listen to her; if not, do whatever you want.

To be a grwon up is not very easy . It is not determined by your age , instead , it is dictatored by your indeeds and thoughful behaviours . Since you recognize you are an adult , justify you are an adult by any way you can .  If you have to rely on your parents' financial support , you might require their permission to travel to 大連. By the way , I have to reveal my opinions about 大連 . This city seems dangerous and risky for a young girl according to my information from some Taiwanese .

thx,allen,I'll listen to my mum and stay at school,btw,Dalian is not that bad,I've been there once,it's a beautiful city,that's why I wanne travel there again.

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