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I have tried sending messages to four tutors/teachers here at iTalki. None have responded. Is there a problem with the mailing system, or are the teachers just not interested in getting new students???




I've been on italki for a while and I have had some interesting experiences. First of all, I think it's important to know that most teachers here aren't entirely motivated by money. The rates in italki are quite low (especially once you deduct italki fees and paypal fees) so anyone teaching on this site is doing it because they really enjoy it. Teaching in general (as I'm sure you know) is notoriously underpaid. Teachers do it because they enjoy it.

I **always** reply to cordial messages. I have spent a lot of time going back and forth with parents about their kids, about how people can learn better, about exactly what my sessions are, why I think bilingual teachers are better for beginners, etc. Most folks are nice and appreciate my time in writing long replies.

As with any social networking site, there are anonymous users here, and it can be SCARY to stake your reputation on any contact with potentially rude or unreasonable people. I had a 'student' hassle for me a week because I declined to have further sessions with him. Yikes!

I've been teaching ESL since my early twenties -- I've invested thousands of dollars in my education, certifications, blah, blah, blah -- and I am cautious now about who I say "yes" to. This is my real life -- once you connect with me on Skype, you know my real name and my email and you can find out where I work -- and then who knows what?

Teachers want students, students want teachers and the best beginning is MUCH respect.

If I don't sense **respect** in the first message, I might reply -- to be polite -- but I don't try to cultivate a relationship.

I am not saying this is YOU -- not at all :-)

Just saying that teachers here are real people who want to ** minimize risk ** and maximize safety, enjoyment and pleasant relationships with learners.

Look at when there last login time was, and their session availability. I had a similar issue before and noticed 2 hadn't logged in for several months. And others just didn't seem interested. 

I guess when you register as a tutor you are interested in students and tutoring. Also, when you write "looking for new students" on your profile, you are looking for new students.

For me, it is common cutesy to reply to questions put forward by other community members - especially if you claim to be interested in teaching them languages.

I have no interest in using tutors that have repeatedly been online for the last week, and who don't reply to requests about teaching and tutoring.

However, I do have a tutor here that I am very pleased with, and I will continue to use him solely.


different time zones / sleeping schedule :)


btw, if you mean yesterday's messages, it was sunday, so i guess it's not so strange that most didn't reply yet :). most likely they will soon enough. and to be honest, for some reason i don't see email from italki about your message, maybe you didn't mark "also send email" box or something, so people simply were not notified about your message. 



No, this goes back further in time.

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