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Vacation 101.

any suggestions on what place to visit... Me and my friends are planning to have a vacation. We wanted a place where we could relax and enjoy the their different culture.



You may try 101 tower in Taipei on your 101 vacation .

You can come and visit Ecuador. Here we have variety of regions: Galapagos Islands, the coastal region, the highlands and the jungle region. I live in the Highland region. Here there is a variety of places where to go and wonderful landscapes and places to enjoy, the people is really friendly and helpful. Let me know if someday you come and I help you with the language. We can get fun!  Bye friend!


nice to meet you . i like to make diffident friends.

thank you for your comments. i prefer travelling in ASIA first, Ecuador is a nice place thou MARCIA, hope I could visit there and be able to meet you  :)

How about in China EVE what can you suggest? 

Macchu Picchi Peru is probably the most beautiful place in the world, unless for me, I know there are many nice places in the world but I had the oportunity to be in more than 10 countries,every place have a charming thing, but my favorite is Machu Picchu.


How about India ?

You may travel to any cities or countries you like . In my opinion , the fun of travel is not based upon  where you are travelling , in stead , you fun in your trip is coming from whom you are travelling with . If you have a travel partner with you , plan with your partners in detail prior to your departure . As for China views , you might go to big cities and several famous tourists' spots like The Great Wll , The Imperial Palace in Peiking , or some historian relics spots .I would suggest you not go too bush area or villages especially you are going to fly to China first time . The land of China is very huge ,so nothing more than your personal safety .


As someone who has travelled a lot (and teaches travel),  my first question to you is what countries will offer you a visitor visa? What is your budget and how long can you go? What are your interests? If you need any help feel free to send me a message. 

Some of my favourite places have been:

-Syria (before everything happened)









And so on. I have had a wonderful time in every place, but it depends on what you desire. 

Of course you must find your interest first then decide the place where to go to. 

As my experiences, the same place could have many differents ways and atmosphere to enjoy.

It is all depend on your perspective and point of view. 

Everyone has a different perspective and you can tell us which type of vacation that you interested in.


I am Indonesian and Indonesia have many cultures and tradition (in religious ways, aboriginal, city lifestyle, neighbourhood, and so on). I am very welcome if there is anyone want to know about Indonesian cultures and places to go :)



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