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Tips for Learning Chinese Characters


Hi! :D I am making a video series called "Tips for Learning Chinese Mandarin" and the last two videos I made talk about learning Chinese characters. This post is an extension to those two videos. Aside from what I mentioned in the video, I'd like to introduce additional free resources for developing interest in learning Chinese characters.


Episode 3 (Part 1 for Learning Chinese Characters) is available here:


Episode 4 (Part 2 for Learning Chinese Characters) will come live in the next few days! :) 

If you subscribe to Italki's YouTube, you will get notified when new video is uploaded:


Some of the Chinese characters are pictographic so you can make connections to help you memorize the characters with either relevant or nonrelevant stories. The first resource I'd like to introduce is memrise. Please note that memrise is volunteer-based, so occasionally you might not find the accurate material :( aside from that, it is a great site for visual learners. 


The first few blocks show character animations:

This specific link talks about learning basic a menu. 


The second resource is Chineasy.

One of the recent popular videos on learning Chinese is an video by Shao Lan on TedTalks.


This basics page shows some of the basic characters:  


You will probably get the most out of Chineasy's Facebook page:


These two are the ones that I am familiar with. Aside from these two, there are books that utilize similar methods for teaching Chinese characters. You can search for "learn chinese characters" on Amazon if you are interested in books. Since I do not have any experience with the books, I can't make any specific recommendation :(  


Please note that the purpose of the resources and the videos is to develop interest. So even with these methods, you will still need to practice ^^" hopefully the practice becomes more fun with these methods. 


I hope this helps >.< Good luck and have fun learning! :D 



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