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What is your purpose of life?

What is the most we want to do in this life? What is the most we love? What is the most we want to dedicate for? Those are hard questions to be answered, but it's important to know what is our purpose of life. So, if you had known what is your own purpose of life, lets share! Thanks.



the purpose in life is to be a good citizen but most important goal is to enter paradise. To achieve this is by obeying God

i think the purpose of life is to experience making our own dicisions, wrong or right. learning from our mistakes. being responsible of what we did. trying to live happy although life without sarrow is meaningless.

experinecing all sort of emotions. at the end having as less regrets as possible :)

I'm a muslim so for me it's important to pray, be kind to others and always help them out even if they're strangers, and you don't know them. To pray daily, and never cease to stop belivien and keeping my imaan at highest possible rate. Just, do good, be good and you'll be happy. And, insha Allah, enter Paradise. That's where the real party is. :)

My purpose of life is to be happy! And at the end of life I'd say that "I'm happy and my life hasn't liven wrongly. Because, when you are happy - you are smiling and the whole world is brighter! Everytime do what you want and what you like in order to not being sorry at the end.

My goal in life is to show the whole world that Satan rules this world and the only solution for mankind's problems is God's Kingdom.  God, whose name is Jehovah, is the opnly one who can put this world right, mankind has proven through corrupt politics, false religion and greedy commercialism that he can not bring peace to this earth.  By putting its trust in the United Nations to achieve peace, mankind has turned their back on God's solution.


People in general are likethe people of Noah's day, they do not want to hear the god news of God's kingdom.  It is my aim in life along with those like minded ones, to let all people of the earth know that they should stop putting their trust in man to bring peace, it will never happen. Submit to God's rule and enjoy a secure peaceful future.


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In my case,I believe i am the god of myself. Even though there are many Gods can help me, i am the only one who can deliver myself from the unconcious life. What i want to do in this life is to accept the dark and do my best to change it into light in every single moment by myself. At last, i can have a real capacity to love someone independendly,lightly,purely.I'd like to meet another Gods and share them with all my love.

may be i want to do everything i like. i seek freedom.i want to eat foods i like, i want to love somebody i want,i just wanna feel ok everyday but it really difficult. i will try my best to get.

@Bruce: Ya, I think my own purpose of life is to become a better man day to day, useful for others, live life happily, enjoy every moment of life, hone skills in music and art, owning my own business. At least, that's what comes to my mind :)


@Steve H: Hm...I think you are a naturalist, Darwin theory follower, aren't you? Yeah, you have your own opinion for it. Do you think human being just do natural instincts like animals (do survival of live, hunt or to be hunted, do sex, etc)?  Human has sense, intention, love, passion, creativity to create or invent something, etc. What do you think about it? btw, thanks for your opinion :)


@all: thanks for your participation! :)

Wow, that's a great answer Bruce. Are you a priest? I know that Bible verse too.. I agree that wisdom is the principal thing. It's like king Solomon, the man who has great wisdom that ever lived on earth. Thanks Bruce.

To be a free man

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