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Be honest please...

Do looks mean anything to you?  Could you fall in love with someone you thought was ugly?



Maybe, sometimes we don't choose the person with whom we are falling in love, even though this person was ugly in our mind before...

i agree with hytham, the beauty is in the eye of the i think a good-looking person make a initinal good impression on you. there will be a higher chance that you want a good-looking person, but it's difficult to say for certain, because it depends on many factors.

According to me love enters from your eyes to your heart when you see your oppossite sex, but love is the thing which can be entered in your heart anytime or anywhere.It doesn't matter whether he/she is ugly or not.

Hi. Appearance is important. When people say that they don't pay attention, I usually want to laugh. If you'll see someone looking like a terrible monster - would you like to talk to him? Of course, not. Actually, everyone cares about appearance - it's natural. We can do nothing with it. But "love" is a thing which can change relationship. It helps to make a balance - force to treat ugly people like the most beautiful. So, appearance is important, but don't think of it:)

Yes,why not.Once I fell in love with my classmate he was ugly:))

There is one thing called "charisma".Charismatic ppl always attract,ugly or beauty.

to me Appearance is very important . but usually handsome guys r stupid so nothing is perfect 



when you love someone deeply and sincerely , you will not see his weakness and you will look at him as he is the most handsome man in all over the world even if others don't ...

yeah as long as he makes me smile.. I don't really fall in love with handsome man. I'd rather choose not so good looking or average faces. I don't want to have lots of rival when having a partner and handsome man has many admirer.  I want that I am the only one admiring him.

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