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Is the God really exist?

Someone believe the God creat sun, moon, starts, trees, the life of people and animal. In Chinese clutre, the goddess creat the life of us. About who creat this world, there are many different explain in different cluture. There are many atheists. One of the reasons why people are referred to as theist just because they were taught at the early age that" there is God". Atheist were taught at the early age that" there is no God". Is the God really exist? Do God creat the world or do the different clutre creat differnt God?



The notion of a theistic deity who cares about how highly evolved apes ( humans ) has been refuted. A theistic deity is refuted as follows:

What really happens to "the souls" of children who die? Why should they get a free pass to Heaven, even if they would have become evil adults who would have rebelled against their theistic deity and devine creator? Why must adults live through the sufferings of this life before we go to Heaven or Hell, while all the children who die always go straight to Heaven?. Would an "immortal soul" come into existence during the history of human evolution? Who were the ape-like human parents of the first human who acquired an "immortal soul" which will be rewarded with eternal life in paradise or will be condemned to Hell forever by their devine creator? Why did this theistic deity who is the devine creator not give them an eternal soul and care about them like their child who had been given an "immortal soul" that will be sent to Heaven or Hell?

The only possible answer to the above questions is that "immortal souls" are a delusion which really don't exist. Furthermore, a theistic deity who cares about humans doesn't exist.

There is no supernatural creator of our universe who intervenes in the natural events that really affect our lives. There is no God who cares about humans. All complex life evolved from simple single-cell organisms. Simple life came from non-living organic material, and all matter originated from the Big Bang that was created by accident from mindless energy which had always existed before our universe.

Evolution contradicts the existence of a theistic deity who loves and cares about humans. A theistic deity would not have created us through evolution that is natural process which is responsible for so much pain and suffering in life. There is fossil evidence which indicates that primative ape-like primitive humans lived like animals and were violently slaughtered by the more highly evolved and more technologically advanced humans. Throughout natural history, most human embryos have not even been able to develop and mature into a full adult human. It seems rather odd that an all-powerful and loving devine creator would create human life through a naturally cruel process such as evolution when it certainly seems as though he had other options? And why would he employ a process that is not even assured of producing multicellularity, much less human-like intelligence? Even today, most humans suffer back and feet pain as a result of the natural evolutionary transition from ape-like creatures into the current modern day homo sapien species.

There is overwhelming proof of macroevolution. There are millions of fossils to show transitions and millions of animals to compare DNA. Chromosome 2 proves that humans share a common ancestor with Great Apes who have 24 pairs of chromosomes, while we have 23 pairs. Where did our 24th pair go? Evolutionary scientists have found evidence that human chromosome 2 is the fusion of two ancestral chromosomes. Chromosomes have a telomere on each end and a centromere in the middle. So if a chromosome had been fused, it would have three telomeres (one on each end and one in the middle) and two centromeres. Guess what...scientists found it. Chromosome 2 has three telomeres and two centromeres (unlike any other chromosome). Somewhere along the line, we broke off and took our own evolutionary route, although we humans still belong in the family of Great Apes.Endogenous Retroviruses (ERVs) also prove Evolution. ERVs are the relics of ancient viral infections preserved in our DNA. The odd thing is many ERVs are located in exactly the same position on our genome and the chimpanzee genome! There are two explanations for the perfectly matched ERV locations. Either it is an unbelievable coincidence that viruses just by chance were inserted in exactly the same location in our genomes, or humans and chimps share a common ancestor. The chances that a virus was inserted at the exact same location is 1 in 3,000,000,000. Humans and chimps share 16 pairs of viruses inserted at perfectly matched location. It was our common ancestor that was infected, and we both inherited the ERVs. ERVs provide the closest thing to a mathematical proof for evolution.

Thanks for your answers. Why did some human-like ape envolve to human? Some human-like ape is not?  It is just accident? Or it is mean to destiny. If there is no soul, which is the difference between this person and that person? If there is no soul, which is the difference between the living life and dead?


So Steve H's God just so happens to be "energy that has always existed". He just thinks about it in a roundabout way, with an air of superiority.

The notion of a theistic deity who cares about how highly evolved apes ( humans ) live has been refuted. A theistic deity is refuted as follows:  ....

Who creats this world. God or it is due to the energy of nuture? If there is the God, why He don't care about human? Why is there so much unfortunate? Why don't he give happniess to the nice person? Why don't he punish the evil person at present life? IF he is really exist, The only thing he can do is take the soul to heaven or hell?

Ashley, the soul is an illusion. There is no soul, no essential and permanent core to a living being. Instead, a living being, human or otherwise, can be seen to be but a temporary coming-together of many parts and activities ( physical organic matter and energy ) to operate the body of a living organism from its brain.  If the brain of a living being is functioning, then it is a living being. If the brain activity of a living organism has ceased, then it is not ˜a living being anymore. 

There is no purpose in life, but to follow the natural instincts of self preservation in life and the preservation of one's own species.

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