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Is the God really exist?

Someone believe the God creat sun, moon, starts, trees, the life of people and animal. In Chinese clutre, the goddess creat the life of us. About who creat this world, there are many different explain in different cluture. There are many atheists. One of the reasons why people are referred to as theist just because they were taught at the early age that" there is God". Atheist were taught at the early age that" there is no God". Is the God really exist? Do God creat the world or do the different clutre creat differnt God?



Thanks for your answers. Why did some human-like ape envolve to human? Some human-like ape is not?  It is just accident? Or it is mean to destiny. If there is no soul, which is the difference between this person and that person? If there is no soul, which is the difference between the living life and dead?

So Steve H's God just so happens to be "energy that has always existed". He just thinks about it in a roundabout way, with an air of superiority.

Who creats this world. God or it is due to the energy of nuture? If there is the God, why He don't care about human? Why is there so much unfortunate? Why don't he give happniess to the nice person? Why don't he punish the evil person at present life? IF he is really exist, The only thing he can do is take the soul to heaven or hell?

I can't agree that people just fellow natural instinct of self perservation in life. What do you think about the people without children?

No offense intended, I mean that person who don't want to raise child though then can afford to bring up children.

I can't agree with you in the birth limited principle. You should see the babies who was killed in their mother's womb even they are seven month, even they can feel this world, even they can smile in the womb, even they have their thoughts. It's immorality.

No offense intended, I mean that people who don't want to bring up children when they can afford.

I can't agree with you about the birth limited pricinple. You should see babies who were killed in their mother's womb, even they are seven month, even they can feel this world, even they can smile in womb, even  they can feel the sunshine. It is immorality! They have the right to live.

I do believe to raise a kid should be a cheerful experience in your life . You can never know how it goes unless you really have a baby . However, i would not suggest any parents who do not want to hold a baby give birth . Over population is a compelling true which makes so many people cannot bear good life quality especially in some underdeveloped countries . I urge most governments can do something for this ordeal to slow down the overwheming pressure . Even in my country , I can feel overpopulation has led to a tremendous problem which is growing up year after year . We have almost the upmost population density in the world.


Dear ashely

You do not have to kill any babies in the womb . Did you ever hear protection or condom before your  making love. I guess that will solve the majority of problems happened in China , India , Taiwan and some other countries with too many people crowded .  Personally , I disagree abortion , but tell the truth , a baby without good environment to live or to grow is a pity .You baby is very lovely , and I think he must be well raised and educated . He is one of lucky babies in the world . I heard some female babies were abandoned in India because girls there are valueless . I guess to fight for our offspring is honorable and also our responsibility .


Guys, why do you give Steve H thumbs down. Stop it. The man has the right to free speech. As long as he never insults anyone, he's free to say what he wants. Stop this.


italki will delete this discussion sooner or later:-(. Too bad. I don't know what should we discuss anymore. If we talk about politics, italk will delete it. If we talk about religion, italki will deleted. If we talk about virginity, italk will delete it. What am I suppose to discuss? what does love mean to us? It seems to me that most people like to debate about religion. It's one of the most important questions in entire history of humans' life. I wish italk let us do what we want. I mean afterall, italki is made for the members not for the developers or owners  of italki. People who can't stand such questions, shouldn't bother themselves reading such questions in the first place, otherwise they should be more mature.

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