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How many of you like travelling? which country?



I love traveling - I've been to Canada, England, Italy, France, and Mexico. I'd like to make it back to those countries to see more of them and I'd like to explore more of the U.S. I'd like to go to Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, and numerous other countries

I would like to travel Dubai,Switzerland,Singapoor.

I'd like to visit Brazil, Australia or Mid East, hopefully in summer :)

I dream of travelling abroad , because i never been out of my country, may be because i can't offord travelling at the moment, i wish i'll travel to all countries of Europe.....I'm located in Egypt.
I like visit to Italy and france or any cuntry but i cuoldn’t becuse i cuoldn’t speak English .i spoke just Arbaic . But i naw try leran English because i am going to travel . thank you very mach
i love travelling too, i had been in the USA, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Indonesia. I like to visit the Europe, Canada and South America
i like trvelling .i like ti visit usa ,aruba,curazao,colombia and my dream is visit grecia

I had been in Hongkong, China, Macau, Dubai, Iran, Oman.... I would like to travel more like Europe, Austra;ia, New Zealand, Canada and USA. I need to improve my English better so i can confidently speak to them socially.
I like travelling everyday. Not across to another country, but I alwys travelling to my office by public car. At April, I've travelling to the Batam, an island in Indonesia near Singapore. Because of I haven't had a passport to enter the foreign, I just stayed at Batam..So pity am I...

I live in The Netherlands and I love to travel, specially to see other cultures. I have been in: Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Engeland, Spain, Portugal, Swiserland, Italy, Qatar, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, United States, Canada. I would like to go some where in South America and Russia.

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