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Why do people lie to each other?

When we make friends by interenet, we always can meet some people who usually lie to each other. Some of them even lie to you just want to take some money from you, but trust me, that's not the worst. Those kind of people make me sick. I mean if you are honest to someone and treat them as your friend even best friends,  you share things with them,  why they can be so cold and even lie to you. I am totally confused. Why do people lie to each other? 



Perhaps some people make their lives on cheating or fraud.  People living in the world vary dramatically , so you had better keep vigilent to those liars . Cold shoulder is very common in modern populated cities .


I dont lie because people who lie are most likely to steal as well. Liars are the most dangerous people in the world. They cause hunger in poor countries and they cause opression as well. In my opinion however, a lot of people lie because they think it makes things better. Maybe temporarily but sooner or later, when the cat comes out of the bag, things are just more likely to get worse.



All people lied at least once in a life. It can be because of lack of spirit to tell the truth, or maybe because you think it would be better for a person not to know the truth, after some time of successful lies people may become addicted to it and lie even if it is not necessary and without any reason.

I think those liars has their own imaginary world. just don't trust people easily. Don't share everything just share normal things. 

I am used to telling lies and I guess I am an unbelievable liar . I do not think to tell a lie is wrong especially this is a white lie  .


I recalled one dialogue with one of my old friends  :" hi, you are doing very well , I wish I could have time to see your performance next month and I am pining for your next show  . I bet you will be better next time ." At first , his performance was fair and moderate instead of well or perfect . I have to decorate this fact with some white lies for his ambition . Without my lies , he could be deeply frustrated and gave up his efforts . Secondly , I do not ascertain I could have spare time for the next show but I told another lie or at least biased information was uttered  . Finally , I am not aware if his performance would be better nex time because I cannot make out how he works for his perfomance  . Anyway , I hope he can better next time .


To tell a lie is a wonderful thing if you were to help someone instead of trap .

If you tell a lie which can hurt people, that's really not cool.  No matter why you tell a lie, it is wrong.  I think all of people deserve to know the truth, even the truth is hurt and reality.  I am that kind of person, i prefer painful truth and bitter reality rather than having a lie, no matter it a white lie or not.  


In Sanskrit there is a saying "satyam bruat,priyam bruat" means speak truth but speak sweet.:)

I agree completely with you. It's better to know the truth although it is hard to hear than living in an imaginary world. When you get to spot a liar, you don't trust on him anymore. I prefer to have few friends but sincere instead on many but false. I also agree with Anita. It's also important to speak with the true but whenever we speak sweet or taking into account the other person's feelings. The other person will appreciate your sincerity.


Thry are not true friends if they lie to you. I despise liars also.

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