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ciao tutti, Could you please explain one thing to me - What is the difference between 2 sentences: 1 Mario e attore (Che cosa fa?) and 2 Mario e un attore (Chi e?) ...when do I say 'Mario e attore' and 'Mario e un attore'?....I cannot see what the difference is and how to decide when to say which sentence...



"Marco è un attore" means obviously "Marco is an actor".

"Mario è attore" is quite informal... in proper Italian I would say "Marco fa l'attore" (if you want to say that he works as an actor)


Sono stato chiaro? ;)

grazie, Alberto.....but it seems more logical to me to answer the question 'Chi e?' = 'Mario e attore'......and answer the question 'Che cosa fa?' = 'Mario e un attore'......the explantion given in my course book says the opposite =((....I am confused....OK, anyway, thanks for answering!

"Chi è Mario?" "È un attore" (you want to know who is could even say "un amico")

"Che lavoro fa Mario?" "Fa l'attore/È attore (the last one is mostly used in Central and Southern Italy)"


You can't say "è attore" if you simply want to know the identity (not the job) of a person ;)


I know that as a Russian native speaker you can have this kind of problems :S If I'm not wrong, you don't use the articles!




I think you probably would better understand using also teh articoloto determinativo example.


This question wants to know about the identity of Mario.

Mario chi è? - è un attore (he's an actor - generic)

                 - è l'attore (he's the actor - referring to a particular one, maybe the best one)


This question wants to know about the job position of Mario.                

Mario che fa? - fa l'attore 

in this case you can immagine a more structured question like

Che ruolo professionale ricopre Mario? è attore.


The difference is between what you are interested in: his personal identity (job, dreams, habit ... ) or his specific job position. I hope to have been of any help. When you read a book be carefull of which verb or preposition the author uses, it makes the difference in its meaning.


Sorry about my tyops I am on a train and people talk talk talk.



Happen to do confusion about this difference between : Marco è attore and Marco è un attore.

Somentimes we use the noun "ACTOR" to indicate the person that is protagonist of that film;

Marco is actor or Marco is the main protagonist of it.


Instead if you want to indicate Marco is an actor, it means that Marco makes as job the actor.

thanks a lot, Silvia and Gaetano!.....yes, Alberto - there are no articles in Russian, articles are a real pain in the neck (am not sure if I can use this phrase about articles, but anyway)..thanks for the help once again

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