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Which is more important in life: Money or Love?



i think the love its important 



I have my own work and I pay my own tuition fee and everything else I have a good social life and money is tight for me sometimes but I do ok.

I want a man that can offer me more than what I have already got. I want a man that can support me when I have children etc. Whats the point otherwise? I can live without a man but if I had a man he would have to be able to offer something to me.

Money is important because its something we all need.

I wouldnt ever let myself fall for someone who was jobless or lazy cos I want better for myself and I have worked hard and want someone who is equal to me.


One more thing.. It is not easy to find true love now a days and if you do its hard to keep it.. someday you will end up separated or divorce and you can't have the love again unlike money as long as you have job you can have money. Money will lose but you can gain them again.

poverty can kill love....


Another one of these? Seriously? The answer should be obvious: Money.  Money can lead to successful benefits that love alone simply cannot.  Divorce can result from financial problems. Yes, money cannot buy love or happiness, but it can certainly improve those conditions ever so slightly.  Simply loving someone just doesn't get you anywhere in life, like money does.

I still think love is more important then money. Maybe i am naive or a big optimist. My last guy told me that his religgion is money and serious relationships are not for this way. After such words something broke inside of me. Was really pity to hear it from person with who u have feelings. At least he was honest)) After such words i didn't wana continue with him. All what i can say from my life experince - true feelings, respect and friendship are most important in life. At least mine life. I knew very rich guys who are unhappy coz they are lonely and poor men who are happy because of having wife - their best friend. I no wana say that money no important - they are! But love is more then money!

I thought it was money before I fall in love, now I believe that anything else can make me so happy and completely.

We try everthing to earn plenty of money to achieve our love . To hug money is for physical satisfaction and to have love is for emotional or spiritual content .

Love is priceless:) Love is more  important :).We need money for life's necesities .Fact is that all the time money can't make you happy but true love can.Without  love ,a rich person feels empy:(with love,a person feels rich:)

* Politically correct socially acceptabe answer :love

*Realistic answer:Money

money and love should go together..


Love will make us alive however money will kill our love.


Why do we have to choose between love and money when they are both can be acquire.

The best is to find a girl or man with money.... I resolved the problem.

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