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What about did you dream when youn were children?

When I learned to read
I wanted to become the poet like Keats,Brodsky,Tsvetaeva‎...



maybe you forget about it))

I dreamed to able to fly, like in dreams lol/

I used to think about lots of things, each day I wanted to be something different, somedays I wanted to be a doctor, at the other day a teacher, a scientist, and so on!! I'm happy for being where I am now, and I think the child inside of me is happy too! 

I had diverse imagination during my childhood . I forgot most of them and I think it is not practical for current life . I will concentrate more on my chores now instead of tracking back to my childhood . As for my dream , I do not tend to think too much about my ideal as I know handy job is far more important than my dreaming .

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