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hometown or outside?

Which is better do you think?Attending college in your hometown or outside?



definitely going away. :)

You will learn more living away from home than at the university. I did it and have no regret. Sometimes i feel bad about being far from my family and lots of my friends, but it's an amazing experience!

Yea, I'd go outside for sure/


The cheapest school ... the furthest away from home!  Debt is way worse than nagging parents.

If not having financial problems or personal factors , I think to go abroad to study is the first option for you . To go far to study can broaden your mind and open your vision . You will learn to be more independent and visionary than before . 


Samuel Salles is right 


most of people who have similar experiences would not regret for their rest of lives as often as not . However, to go broad to study is far more difficult than study at home . You have to take care of everything overseas and no one can help you anyway .  At least , I would advice you go far from your hometown to another city in your country , that would be better than you still stay in your mother's home . Also , that is quite boring for me as I do want to know more friends during my university .

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