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What's on your to-do list?



It's classified info i guess :)

Learn Russian, prepare the garden ( we are in Spring now in Uruguay),take the dog for a walk every day...

I do not intend to list a must or something having to be done right now . I think in every stage , you have accomplish your work as well as you can . After completing your handy job , you can go for the next step to approach another task . For now as for me , I would enhance my English . It is a temporary working list I have to accomplish .


Finish my to-do list.


learn to swimming ,travel to Taiwan tomorrow in May


Learn english

My list every year become longer and longer :) So many things and so scant time. 

learning English every day


Do my German Lessons every day

Brew beer tomorrow

Go to Gay Pride Festival this weekend

Go the the city to prepare for halloween (costumes, chocolate, pumpkin beer)


Sounds like a pretty good list to me.

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