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Drinking Water

Hello everyone,


I just have a silly question, if you don't mind.  Do you drink straight from the tap or do you drink filtered, bottled, spring, or boiled water?


I prefer unboiled water.  I tend to drink from the tap, out of convenience, aka laziness.  I do that when I travel too.  But I do prefer soft water over hard water.







I always drink filtered water, as almost everyone here in Brazil. :) We are advised not to drink the the water directly from the tap because it's not completely treated and ready to drink.

Boiled or bottled only, cuz i want live little longer ))

Most Indonesian people are drink boiled water or mineral water


I prefer filtered water because it's cheaper than bottled water.  I rarely drink straight from the tap.  The buliding where I live has old pipes so the tap water tastes a bit "off".

In my part of the US the water is over-treated.  It smells like a swimming pool with all of the chemicals in it.  I much prefer filtered or bottled.  I drink directly from the tap if I'm in a hurry.

The water in my city is the cleanest water in the Philippines because it is all naturally purified and filtrated from the rocks beneath the surface of the earth. These rocks are molten rocks from the past volcanic eruptions of Mt. Apo ( The tallest non-active volcano in the Philippines) some say it's one of the cleanest water in the world I am not sure if that is true.. 


90% of the people here drink tap water but 5 years ago my family decided that we will be drinking purified water instead of tap water so at home I'm drinking purified water but I still don't mind and I am sill drinking tap water.


I usually drink bottled water unless I know the water is safe to drink. 

The water in my city , taipei has the highest quality in my country  . We were told we can tap the water to drink without boiling by our government officials  , but , as routine , we boil the water to drink . Not because we are not confident of water quality , but we cannot be sure that the pipe lines or the reservoir standing upon my house are clean enough to secure the water . Those pipelines were buried in the deep ground without upkeep for decades . I tried to tap water to drink and I guess it is safe basically , yet , my family do not consent to my bahaviour  . Most of them thought safety is the upmost policy so they prefer to filter and boil water to drink . I think nowadays , groundwater has been seriously contaminated by  metals so I do not have the courage to drink the water from traditional spring .

Good to know ~


The tap water here is generally safe for drinking, but some older pipes can be a problem.  Sometimes when the chlorine taste is too strong, I will just let the water sit for a bit before drinking.


I prefer using distilled water, if for making tea.


I have a very memorable experience on the taste of tap water.  The tap water in Panama tasted like (or smelled like, I can't remember which) rainforest water.  I drank it anyway, because the concierge said it was safe.  And I was fine.  ^_^

I drink water that I collect from a spring down the road from me.

In northern Alaska, most people either live out of the main cities or don't have wells. Some of us have water tanks, either buried or aboveground, that we can store water in and have it pumped into our house. Those that don't have water tanks live in "dry cabins", and these people have to carry all their water into their house in water containers, and they usually have a sink that drains into a bucket and an outhouse outside.

As for me, I have a buried water tank at my house. Last year it cracked near the top and let in a bunch of mud, so we don't drink our water anymore. We just fixed it, but just out of caution we won't be drinking the water from it for a while. A few miles away from where I live is a free public facility for filling up small water jugs for drinking water, mainly for people who live in dry cabins.

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