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Where should I go for October Holiday (I'm in China)?


I live in Shanghai, China. Where should I go that is not too far away/expensive for the October Holiday?  Does anyone have any suggestions for a place with beautiful, relaxing scenery - without alot of people?... Thanks! 




Would only like to go a few hours away from Shanghai... maybe

I think there will be a lot of people in everywhere on October Holiday.= =

I recommend that you can visit Hangzhou there is a splendid city with a lot of nice views!

China has a large of population,there are many people in anywhere (especially famous places)on holiday . Suggest you play around Shanghai, asking the people around you where is good.Or just stay home.

Hangzhou is a pretty place,but it is not fit to travel on October Holiday.Because xihu is for free,thousands people in there on the last October Holiday. Suggest you go there in peacetime.

how many days you got?


Stay at home is the best choice. I hate the goverment arrange our holiday. It makes a lot of issue.


Anytime between the 2nd and the 6th. Maybe people have told me to stay but I don't want to stay in SH. I will go anywhere. Just not too far.  

If you are not familiar with Shanghai, Why not stay in Shanghai &visit some museums or scenic spots. Because I think during the National holidays, a lot of people go back hometown and be busy with wedding or travaling. During that time, Shanghai will just have native person. Just like spring festival. I think it will not be very crowed here.Other places will be full of people.

maybe you can try to visit "hangzhou",it is a beautiful city and not much far from shanghai,but i am sure there must be a lot of people:)


I recommend that you can visit Indonesia , its gonna be wounderful holiday :D

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