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Do you have a pet?

Do you have any pet? 



Yes, a dog. And you?

İ have a white haired cat. Her name is Boncuk. We took it for five years. 

No, but I'd like to have a giraffe :)

I ever owned a pet. It is a dog. the name is benben( in chinese voice). but because of job transfer I have no time to take care of it. so I have to give it to a friend of mine.

I have 2 dogs. I have had dogs, cats and rabbits.

I have a chihuahua,and you?



I had hamsters, bunny, fish, turtle.  It was sad to see them go.  Now I have a stuffed panda, from Hong Kong Ocean Park.  His name is Jia Jia.  ^_^

I have one Manx cat and one Shih-tzu. I just put my oldest cat to sleep a month ago :-(.

To keep a pet is a hard work . You have to feed them food regularly , and you have to manage their excrement as routine . Most importantly , they are one of your family , you have to see their death some time . It is very sad and suffering .

Yes, I do. I have 4 pets. 3 cats and an addopted dog. I really love cats and dogs and recently I wanted to addopt a little cat but my mother got angry with me because she said it is enough with the ones we already have. 

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