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when you broke up with your lover

when you broke up with your lover , but you  still love him or her , i can  feel it is a sad process to  go out . when do you do ???



You just get used to the feeling with him/her . That is so much for it . Love is not so enchanted in my vision .

I recently experienced it and in fact I still continue trying to overcoe the sad times. it is hard to overcome but I think he didn't want to be  sincere and we broke. I think you can't force a herat to enter by it doesn't want to go" Everybody have told me that time cures everything so I am getting profit of my time at things I like: I'm making new friends and practising English. If you're experiencing such emotions my advice is that you avoid getting involved in other relationship soon because it is not going to help you but it will destroy you personal imagen. It's better to be alone for some time! Bye friend.

I think the standards of love and people's commitment have gone down or are at a all time new low.
Earlier when people used to love they loved for life... u know the pure die hard love. No one had any premeditated concept of break ups etc. People just fell in love, and gave everything they had, faught rabidly for it, some won it and some lost it... Although i personally think you can't loose love, you may loose the lover but not the love.

Nowadays its more like hurdles race for the handicapped where the bars are lowered so much, that nobody is left behind. People hardly use the word love, the blasphemous thing is left for the most final moments of surity untill which one's mind was perhaps clouded by indecisiveness. Till then its all "like", so its easier to break up and bid good byes.

But i don't understand the whiners. Love doesn't lose , it goes nowhere. Although the person is no more a part of your life but your love for them will always be a part of you, i don't see why one has to uproot that and move on. Yes life is lonely in unrequited love but trust me i have seen lonelier folks in marriages & relationships. Sure it breaks you and shakes you but so does life anyways. There will be times like when you will stress a disc in your lower back and will be bedridden for 2 months. you will get out of bed on all fours and crawl across the room on all fours to fill your bottle of water and then you will crawl back you to your bed, climb up with great difficulty and realize that you forgot the bottle across the room on the table. You wish there was someone in your life who in that moment would just pass the bottle over to you and that thought would bring tears to your eyes, but you brush them off and start crawling again coz you still believe its not worth ruining someone else's life in a compromise.

Add old age to that loneliness and then contemplating that becomes even more daunting. Its one thing to brave it whilst young and able but in old age, would you be truly that brave ??? Call it foolishness but even that has been met by many, undaunted in unrequited love.

Personally waddling in my own misery for 21 years and proud of it... ;)

There is so many variants when you break up with your lover. You may climb Everest, whack someone in the face, get whack from someone, jump with parachute, piss on Egyptian pyramids during the flight. The most important thing is doesn't hang down your head :)

in fact , i dont broke up, it is my friend .she is so sad ,but she still love her lover .

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