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I am new to this website.I wrote a composition just now.It shows there are three comments of my composition but I can only see one.Why?And how can I reply on other's comment?Thank you for figuring out my confusion.



hello can you join me in skype you must have skype with this and my skype is harmeet-ning please try to join my Disusstion :) 

I'm also new here so i'm not so lonely yay!!!!!

charlescuy 33 minutes ago

Persistence is a continuing of a process. YOU keep doing the same procedure, or the same way of thinking, etc. If you insist, then you are asking something of another, or possibly of yourself, in a firm manner. You WANT them to do a certain thing. You want them to think a certain way. Or, you may ask this of yourself. Others may have a different take on this subject.

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