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what is kakaostory ???



Do you know MSN?

In Korea, almost Koreans who have a smart phone use the special application, KAKAO TALK.

It is considered as MSN for mobile.

And KAKAOSTORY that you questioned is SNS that is serviced by KAKAO TALK.

The different thing is only KAKAO TALK's users are available.


Gomawo ^^ ! Mina and Ella do you have kakaotalk or kakastory ID ??


All of my friends in Korea uses Kakao.  You can send pictures, videos, and make free phone calls.  Kakao has a very cutesy default theme, but you can change it.  Kakao Story is a photo sharing app with filters.  I think Kakao Story is in English now too.  My friends like Kakao because of the plethora of wacky and funny emoticons.


I think Kakao is great, but unfortunately almost everyone I know in the USA has Whatsapp or Instagram instead.

yep. of course.

Every Korean who has a smart phone should install the KAKAO TALK. Without it, we can't communicate well.

sorry but I believe that Kakaotalk is this best chatting app although I'm not Korean but I'm using it since long I can't stand any if my devices without it :D and back to the point XD kakao story is like an related app yo upload your pica with notes or something like that like they said just like Instagram and twitter in one ! ^_^

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