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Hi there I am from the USA I know english if anyone wants to learn I would like to make new friends I am 19 years old im funny 



You're welcome! What language you want to learn? I am brazilian, if you want to know Portuguese, I'm here!

I would like to learn spanish

i am from China. nice to meet you.i am 26.

Hi, I'm from Ecuador- South America. I would like we to become friendsand practise English and Spanish. I'm learning English and if you like you can practise Spanish with me. 

Hello!Can we be friends?I can help you learn Chinese.

If you want to.

I am impressed by your courage and passion for language learning .

hy, iam Ramadani Wahyu, iam from Indonesia. i would like to learn your language. iam 19 too

Dmitry, Russia. bozhenkodm in skype, you're all welcome

Wow! It seems like we can take part in fotoset for Benetton.

i  want learn English ,may i add you

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