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In your opinion, which city is the most "walkable" city in the world?



I did not go to many cities , but, I guess most cities in Asia are not likely to walk at leisure.

I think it Helsinki. I live in Sankt-Petersburg and Helsinki is located near from us. It is cool place for walk and bicycle. Sankt-Petersburg is too overloaded with cars.

Buenos Aires



Actually, a lot of European cities are very pedestrian-friendly.  But I picked Rome because of the saying "all roads lead to Rome."


On the contrary, I would say Dubai is the most pedestrian unfriendly city ~  ^_^

I may be biased but I like Edinburgh as it's a small city so you can walk everywhere and there are streets where no cars are allowed. It is a bit hilly that's it's downside and has some cobbled streets but I like them.


Paris is quite good if you have a metro pass you can get all over the city quickly.

in my country jordan all cities are walkable


So many great cities.  I agree that Rome is quite walkable, as is Edinburgh.  Unfortunately not many cities in the US are walkable.

"Milwalkie", Wisconsin.

I think netherlands is the walkable city , cause  there  are many bicycles , many pavements and it's  a nice and clean environment .


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