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Why are you learning the language that you are learning ? And what keeps you motivated to learn it ?

please give separate answers to both question. 



I am learning English. At the beginning, i have to say, i was forced to learn it at school but as i grow up, I feel very proud when i can speak English with western people so i love English more.


I am studying abroad so English is the basement for me to finish my subjects at university. I am learning something really important for my future in English which pushes me to improve my English.

I'm learning English because currently I live in India, I have the choice between many language: Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu and English but I think that English is the easiest and the most famous language of all of them.


I keep going to learn because I'm making some training and the language used to teach is English, so I don't have the choice.

i´m learning english cause i love watch films and series in VO ..... i like travelling abroad....

cheer up everyone!!

I am learning english because I like it and because I want to get a better job and in these days it is a good way to get it.


I keep learning because I want to travel and I would like to comunicate with people from diferent countries and understand them despite they have a diferent acent.


I started learning Italian because it really annoyed me one time when I couldn't understand when my friend spoke in Italian, and since I was bored of Spanish I thought it would be pretty easy to go from Spanish to Italian because of the similiraties within the languages. I also want to learn it since I have Italian heritage. However, one of my dreams is to one day become fluent in Irish because of how beautiful it sounds and that's why I'm trying to start learning it (havent found someone to teach me yet). 

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