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Can I learn French as fast as it possible but with no money :) ? , thanks .




Suppose I answer you /yes/ and after that you earn or find a big amount of money. Could you use a part of that money to make your learning speed increase ? I think that the answer would be /yes/, at least a little bit, therefore making my previous answer false. Under very special circumnstances the answer is yes, for instance if your friends are French teachers and a French relative of yours is coming to stay at your house, and so on. You surely know the context of your life and your capabilities much better than we do, so only you could answer your question. Nevertheless I tried, so I got a (free) chance to practice my English. Thank you, and wish you learn fast and enjoy the learning!

your answer is persuasive way more and sure I know that well but Sure there are those who may need my help learn languages I know well :) So thanks for answer :) You benefit me a lot .

Money is irrelevant if you don't know how to spend it (for instance, you buy a ton of grammar books that won't help you with speaking at all, or something like this). On the other hand, if you do know how to spend it, then you can probably find ways to learn the language without it. So the answer you're probably looking for is yes, you can learn a language in little time spending no money. But it's hard, and it takes commitment, hard work and finding the right resources. Since you're here on italki, that's already a start. Good luck!

Matthew , Thanks a lot 

Your words 're totally right, and push me forward ;) 
I 'll do my best anyways ^^

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