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If money is not a big issue, what would you like to do most?



I would love to travel all over the world! How about you?

Me too, but in the term, I'd like to be a musician and play beautiful music.

I would also love to travel the world.


Travel around the world with absolute ease.

Travel all over the world must be a fascinating experience if money is not the problem . But I am wandering if I can get enough money and time to travel once money is the critical issue ?

Travel to Asia! Everywhere, the most beautiful continent! Most likely would like to move to Japan and live thee for about 10 years, then move to South Korea for about 5 years, then I'd come back to Japan and die there :D Hhaa this was a bit morbid, but, thats what I would really like, if money wasnt an issue.


Travel to Japan first, then the rest i guess. 

Travel to another planet...

Motivational speaker..I like leadership.......

travel all over the world and learn about cultures of each country I think that it is the easy way to learn.

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