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When do you feel most alone?

When do you feel most alone? For me, It is the moment that I was failure and I thought there was no one should help me. I dronk at night colsed the door of my room.



I have a large amount of time to be alone , but I do not feel lonely all the time . Every time I stay in my chamber to practice English , I feel it is most cheerful thing in the world . I can see the future and I can embrace a beautiful dream . That is most wonderful experience during the period of being alone .  Rarely I feel lonely as I know most of my friends will stand up for me and nothing to be scared . There is nothing to fear except fear itself

most of my live i spent time alone. i enjoy with this time. maybe sometimes i don't like crowd


It will be very alone when you feel hopless.

Most people are secularists who need people's help . If you feel helpless , relate your feeling to your friends and I thnk they will help you . Never be a shut in , just bury your head into the soil . To be a hermet will not be satisfied at any rate .


It is not easy to find an indeed friend in the real life, The long list of conatct people in your cell phone doesn't change the fact that no one is suitable to call sometimes.




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