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Globish language

What do you think about this variant of simplified English?  "Globish"

It involves a vocabulary limited to 1,500 words, short sentences, basic syntax, an absence of idiomatic expressions and extensive hand gestures to get the point across.




hi dear
how are you ?
i hope all is okay
i would like to practice English with you
and wish to be one of your friends , if you don't mind
but i don't know how to chat or message you here in Italki
so please if you don't mind add me on Skype
My Skype ID is : mahmoud.talaat.moussa
i wish we can chat there
i'm waiting your request
have a nice day dear
Take care of yourself

Is that true? I've never heard of it! But I think it's an horrible thing. I'm Spanish, and if you try to speak with someone with no conjugations and basic syntax... You'll be lost, my friend. I mean, we sometimes ommit the subject, so we wouldn't be able to communicate!

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