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I want to learn Hebrew

Hello guys, I want to learn Hebrew, but really don't know how to start and how to remembering they hard alfabet :( 
anyone could to help me !!
or any partner could to share some information about it?

Thank you very much.






There are only 22 letters so the alphabet is not so hard!


There are some lessons here that will help you learn the letters and the vowels:

it is hard for me,too

If you are struggling with the sounds of the 'alephbet' then it might be helpful to look at writing/letter with the nekudot (dots) - the vowels. 


it might also help to only learn the printed 'alephbet' first, and then once familiar learn the cursive/handwritten 'alephbet' so as not to confuse yourself.


and dont be afraid to act like a child learning to read for the first time. sing the alphabet song, use flash cards, whatever works for you


good luck!


I don't speak Hebrew fluently, but I do speak it somewhat and I can for sure read it (all versions!) If you need some help, send me a message; I'd love to learn Arabic. Shokran:)

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