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Who are we to blame for Poverty?

Should we blame ourself as an individual or should we blame the government for having poverty issue in our country?



I think we should blame the government specially corrupt government there are people who work hard they even have 2-3 jobs but still their income is enough because of the crisis in the economy and the worst is it hard to find job.

I think that poor policies on the part of governments, and bad life choices and lack of a personal responsibility on the part of many individuals, both contribute to poverty.  

Your question is based on the presumption that an individual and a government are two separate entities, which in the first place is wrong in itself. I think you fail to understand how the basic system works, that it all comes to together to form a singular collective which in itself is intrinsically flawed.

that is our sin  only. because we dont say "no' to any illegal act. we just see and remains calm. we give bribes ourself. correct ?

I think the fault is the government because they must aplly public policy to delete it. However people must find ways to arise in the life.

I think the government is supposed to be the most responsible for the poverty in short . In modern society , poverty is not purely caused by personal intelligence or effort . In most situation, poverty is rooting in tax policy and unfavorable institution . The policy of land and house also matters dramatically with you can obtain essential social resources . The euality of education is another critical issue for those poor men who really require eligible support  . The nanny state is apt to make odd policies to make huge profit for transnational coporation company instead of general labors . That is another important cause why we will lose the balance between the poorest and the richest ratio  . You may say any individual should also take the responsibility . Presumably yes , some of them have to word harder for their lives . But rather ,  I consider most of civilians are working hard but all they can get is survive above the poverty line only . Of course , you may say all governments were produced by all civilians , perhaps election , monarchy or military coup . Eventually , people who did not say no to their government should also be responsible for the poverty .


In a word , Goverment should be the main culprit of leading to poverty . However , governments were produced by the commons .


too easy blaming our governments. It is also our blame. Anytime we  buy a product, especially an American one, we contribute to the poverty.

"Anytime [sic, any time] we buy a product .... we contribute to the [sic] poverty."  That is surely one of the strangest things I have read here on italki.  So, if we buy the following products:  shoes, books, toothpaste, food, a computer, a bicycle, a pencil, paper, a radio, or a newspaper, we are contributing to poverty?  I would have thought we are fighting against poverty, because our purchase allows the producers of those products to make a living.  The gratuitous, albeit politically chic, criticism of American products, was simply idiotic.

I think the main reason of poverty is global market economics. It is not prudent and life becomes more and more difficult under inflationary pressuare.

ylpathi123 - yes I agree.. we always complain about how corrupt our government is but we are supporting them in their deeds by bribing.


Allen - Thanks. very well said 


Matteo - What are you trying to say?

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